"America's first serial killer," HH Holmes

  • Herman Webster Mudgett is born

    Herman Webster Mudgett, born in Gilmanton New Hampshire
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  • Period: to

    Growing up/childhood

    Throughout Holmes' childhood and adolescent years he was fascinated with skeletons and became interested in the topic of death and expressed an interest in medicine. Link text
  • Graduated high school

    Holmes graduated high school at only 16 years of age.
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  • Holmes married his first wife, Clara

    Holmes married his first wife, Clara
    Holmes married Clara at only 19 years of age and the couple had a son two years later whom Holmes abandoned.
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  • Passed his medical exams

    Passed his medical exams
    Holmes attended University of Michigan and passed his medical exams on 1884.
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  • Moved to Chicago

    Holmes moved to Chicago and began working at a pharmacy under the alias of Dr. Henry H. Holmes. The owner of the pharmacy died and left his wife in charge to take over responsibilities, Holmes (Herman) convinced her to sell him the pharmacy however she went missing and was never seen again.
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  • Married his second wife, Myrkta Z. Belknap

    Married his second wife, Myrkta Z. Belknap
    Holmes married his second wife without divorcing his first, Clara.
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  • The construction of the "Castle"

    The construction of the "Castle"
    3-story hotel called "Castle, " some of the rooms were soundproof, contained gas lines so Holmes could asphyxiate his guests. There were trap doors, peepholes, broken stairways, and chutes that led into the basement, which had a dissecting table, stretching rack, and crematory." link text picture: link text
  • Holmes began to post newspaper ads

    Holmes placed newspaper ads offering jobs for young women and advertised the castle as a place of lodging; he also placed ads stating he was a wealthy man looking for a wife.
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  • Worlds fair in Chicago

    Worlds fair in Chicago
    Chicago hosted the Worlds Fair which Holmes saw as an opportunity to lure visitors especially women into the hotel many of which were never seen again. No one knows the exact total number of women killed.
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  • Holmes married his third wife, Georgina Yoke

    Holmes married his third wife, Georgina Yoke
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  • Holmes was arrested

    Holmes was arrested
    Holmes was arrested for committing insurance scams with his accomplice Benjamin Pitezel
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  • Marion Hedgepath, told police about the scam Holmes had planned

    Marion Hedgepath was angry that he did not receive any money in the initial scam so he told police. Chicago police investigated Holmes’ Castle where they discovered his strange methods for committing tortuous murders.
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  • Holmes was sentenced to be executed

    Holmes was sentenced on March 9, 1896, to be executed
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  • Holmes is hanged

    Holmes is hanged for the murder of Benjamin Pitzel and other murders he confessed to- 27.
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