Amelia Earhart

By IMMS553
  • Birth

    Was born in Atchison, Kansas at her grandmother's house
  • Gazed at First Plane

    Gazed at First Plane
    Went to Iawa State Fair with her dad and set her eyes on a model plane.
  • School

    Amelia went to Ogontz School
  • First Job

    First Job
    Amelia becomes a nurse at Spadina Military Hospital
  • Amelia goes to college

    Amelia goes to college
    Amelia decied to be a doctor and enrolled at Columbia University
  • Takes Off for the first time

    Takes Off for the first time
    Amelia took her first flying lesson , and got her 1st plane on her 24th birthday, her first plane was called the Yellow Canary.
  • Pilots License

    Pilots License
    Amelia got her pilot's license at a young age.
  • Goes Off with Crew

    Goes Off with Crew
    Amelia and her crew began flying across the Atlantic in the Friendship
  • Amelia flew across the World

    Amelia flew across the World
    Amelia wanted to break a record. The record was to fly across the World and she did it Amelia beat the record.
  • Amelia is missing

    Amelia is missing
    On her journey across the Atlantic Ocean,people think that Amelia crashed into the ocean and till this day no one knows what happpen. Some people think that the Japenese took her and didnt say anything to people, also some people think that maybe she drowned.