Ameila Earhart

  • Born

    In Kansas in heer Grandmaothers 's house
  • Saw her first plane

    Saw her first plane
    Ameila was 11 when she saw her first airplane at the Iowa state fair
  • Ameila's Grandmother died

     Ameila's Grandmother died
    Ameila was crushed when her Grandmother deid
  • Ameila started college

    Ameila started college
    Ameila went to Ognotz college
  • Helps with the war

    Helps with the war
    When Ameila was twenty she joined the Red Cross to help with war efforts
  • Ameila moves to Toranto

    Ameila moves to Toranto
    Ameila moves to Toranto form Ognotz, leaving the collage to be a nurse at Spadina Milatary hospaital
  • She got first plane ride

    She got first plane ride
    Ameila got her first plane ride from Cptn. Hawk
  • She goes to another collage

    She goes to another collage
    Ameila starts studying at Columbia University
  • She does an airshow

    She does an airshow
    Ameila went to a airshow, but not as a spectator
  • She gets pilot licens

    She gets pilot licens
    Ameila got her pilot licens
  • Cross Country

    Cross Country
    Ameila starts a Cross Country trip and finishes in October
  • Licens to wed

    Licens to wed
    Ameila marries G.P. Putnam
  • Beach-Nut

    Ameila Tries her first auto gyro and sets records in it
  • The Fun of It

    The Fun of It
    Ameila finishes writing her second book The Fun of it
  • Across the Atlantic

    Across the Atlantic
    Ameila starts her first trensatlantic flight
  • Speed Demon

    Speed Demon
    Ameila does a speed run from Honolulu to Oakland, California
  • Around the World

    Around the World
    Ameila starts to go around the world
  • Where is she?

    Where is she?
    Ameila and Noonan are never seem again