alyssa's timeline

By sp4g1
  • Jan 1, 1400

    Cherokee made homes.

    Cherokee made homes.
    The Cherokee made their homes in the Mountains of Appalachia.
  • May 18, 1539

    Hernando De Soto.

    Hernando De Soto.
    Hernando De Soto landed in Florida.
  • Aug 28, 1565


    The spanish found St. Augustine, Florida.
  • Robert La Salle.

    Robert La Salle.
    Robert La Salle sailed through the Great Lakes that lead him into the Mississippi River.
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    George Washington became president.
  • Constitution

    The Cherokee wrote a constitution
  • They left homes.

    They left homes.
    The United States goverment made the Native Americans and Cherokee leave their homes.
  • Period: to

    They died.

    The Cherokee died.
  • Civil War.

    Civil War.
    Civil War began.
  • Civil War ended.

    Civil War ended.
    The Civil War ended.
  • Jim Crow.

    Jim Crow.
    After 1877, people enforced Jim Crow laws, wich mean separating black people from white people.
  • Period: to

    Civil Rights.

    Many people began to work for Civil Rights.