Ww2 powers

Allies Aided by U.S.

  • Neutrality Acts

    Neutrality Acts
    The U.S. Congress created these Neutrality Acts that said selling arms and lending money to nations during war was illegal. These acts remained in effect from 1935-1937
  • The U.S. Gets Involved

    The U.S. Gets Involved
    U.S. President Roosevelt asked Congress to allow the Allies to buy American arms. The Allied leaders would pay cash and then carry the weapons on their ships
  • The Lend-Leese Act

    The Lend-Leese Act
    This act was passed by Congress allowing America to sell arms and other supplies to The Allied powers and other countries vital to the United States
  • Help Is On The Way

    Help Is On The Way
    During the summer of 1941, U.S. Naval ships escorted British ships that were carrying U.S. cargo and Hitler ordered his submarines or "U-Boats" to sink the ships.
  • U-Boat, No-Boat

    U-Boat, No-Boat
    German submarines destroy a U.S. ship and the United States go to an underwater war with Germany