Alliances, War, and a Troubled Peace: WWI

  • Period: to


  • Dual Alliance/Triple Alliance - P

    Bismack alienated Rus. so ->Germ. + Aust. = Dual
    Germ., Aust., IT = Triple
    (Germ. tried getting GB to join Trip. but failed!)
  • Triple Entente/Entente Cordiale - P

    GB + F = Entente Cordiale. NOT formal.
    GB + F + Rus. = Triple Entente Trip. Ent= POWER + resources + $$
  • Herni Petain/Verdun

    French, held Verdun "THEY SHALL NOT PASS"
  • Assassination of Archduke - P, S - Aust., Serb.

    Franz Ferdinand Assassinated by Black Hand (or Gavrilo Princip). Aust. didn't really care but Kaiser freaked out. Potentially sparked WWI!
  • Winston Churchill - P, I/T - GB

    Trying to get through W. Front, proposed attacking Dardanelles -> constantinople =
  • Soviets - S, P - Rus.

    Soc. Rev & Soc. Dem = soviets. Worker concils + soldiers
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - P, S - Rus.

    Bol. drop out, pretty much end WWI, paying back Germans
  • Hindenburg

    Took out whole Rus. army at Battle of Tannen. + Masurian Lakes.
  • Petrograd Strikes - S, P, E - Rus.

    Worked Demonstrations, Duma takes control -> provis. gov't
  • Oct. Rev. - P, S - Rus

    Lenin + Trot. TAKE OVER.
  • Wilson + 14 pts + L of N

    Wilson creates 14 points to try and get peace, eventually establishes LEAGUE OF NATIONS! which was made up of Allies and a "check and ballance" system.
  • Versailles - P

    USA, GB, F, IT = big 4
    people watching them! agreements made. HOWEVER Germ not acknowledged
  • Trench warfare/war of Attrition - P, S

    Soldiers in trenches, WORST COMMAND "over the top," jumping fence and running into gunfire to attempt to get into enemy's trench. Total failure.
  • War Guilt Clause - P

    It is all Germany's fault that everything happened, Germany's fault for the loss of life and money and if Germany had not imposed itself there would have been no war. So now Germany must pay us all back.