Wilton course 1 cake  not mine

All of the projects I have done

  • COOKIES!!!

    Went to a cookie decorating ideas presontation and demonstration
  • Food for class

    Made cookies and brought them in for class
  • Thanks Giving

    Made muffins and fruit punch from scratch for Thanks Giving
  • Class 1 of course

    first class!
  • Period: to

    Cake decorating class

    Cakes made almost every week!
  • Class 2!

    Class 2
  • Wreath Cake for class!

    Wreath cake for class ( my personal favorite!)
  • Truffles

    Truffles for teachers
  • Truffles, chex mix, and muffins

    made stuff for neighbors for christmas
  • Class 3!

    class 3 of course
  • Clown cake

    I made a clown cake for the class, even mrs. buckeye had a piece!
  • christmas cake and penut butter cups

    Cake and penut butter cups for christmas gatherings
  • Class 4!

    4th and final course
  • New years cake!

    cake made for and eaten on new years!
  • pictures lost

    Mistake on computer looses all pictures of my cakes