All Hail Mikhail Baryshnikov

  • Mikhail is Born

    Mikhail is Born
    Mikhail Baryshnikov is born in Riga, Latvia and is considered today to be one of the greatest ballet dancers of all time (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica., 1).
  • (No month and day) Mother's suicide

    Mikhail's mother committed suicide for unknown reasons. Mikhail was only 11 years old ("Biography for Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1)
  • (No month and day) Began studying ballet

    Mikhail began studying ballet at the age of 16 years old. He began training with Alexander Pushkin, a well-know choreographer, at Vaganova Choreographic Institute. Baryshnikov was shorter than most male dancers and even some ballerinas. His studies at the Soviet Union school were limited and were limited to 19th century traditions ("Biography for Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (No day and month) First Gold Medal

    Mikhail received his first gold medal at a dance competition in Vulna, Bulgaria ("Biography for Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (No day and month) Debute

    (No day and month) Debute
    Mikhail makes his debut with Kirov Ballet in Giselle ("Biography for Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (No month and day) Gorianka

    (No month and day) Gorianka
    Mikhail performs as the premier danseur noble in Gorianka ("Biography for Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (No day and month) Another Gold Medal!

    Mikhail wins another gold medal at the First International Ballet Competition in Moscow ("Prominent Russians: Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (no month and day) Vestris

    (no month and day) Vestris
    Mikhail performs as the premier danseur noble (highest rank for men in ballet) in Vestris. The dance was choreographed by Leonid Jakobson and it is thought that the dance was designed specifically for Mikhail. This is one Baryshnikov's distinguished peices ("Prominent Russians: Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1)
  • Political Asylum

    Mikhail grew tired of of the "stifling atmosphere" of the U.S.S.R. and decided to seek political asylum in Toronto, Canada. After his performance of the Bolshoi Ballet in Toronto. He claimed that he was going to sign autographs, but instead got into a car with canadian diplomats. Later, Baryshnikov joined the American Ballet Theatre ("Mikhail Baryshnikov - Bornrich.", 1).
  • (Not an event) A detail

    (Not an event) A detail
    Laura Shapiro described Baryshnikov's talent and style in Newsweek as "his flawless, seemingly effortless classical technique and the extraordinary airborne maneuvers he executed with such zest and precision."
  • Turning Point (1977)

    Turning Point (1977)
    Mikhail stars in the dance drama film the Turning Point starring Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine. This film sparked a popular interest in the genre of ballet dance. He also received an Oscar nomination and became an international sex symbol ("Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (No day and month) Leaving ABT

    In 1978, Baryshnikov decided to leave the American Ballet Theatre to work in New York City Ballet. He now had the opportunity to work with pioneer choreographers of the time, Jerome Robbins and George Balanch ine. He won two Emmy awards for his television dance specials ("Biography for Mikhail Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (No day and month) Return to ABT

    His time at New York City Ballet was short-lived and Baryshnikov soon returned to the American Ballet Theatre as an artistic director and principle dancer ("Prominent Russians: Mikhail Baryshnikov",1).
  • White Nights (film)

    White Nights (film)
    Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines starred in the dancing drama film White Nights ("Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (no day and month) The Metamorphosis

    Baryshnikov performed in the 1989 production of Frank Kafka's The Metamorphosis ("Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov.", 1).
  • (no day and month) White Oak Dance Project

    In 1990, Baryshnikov left ABT once again. This refelcted a shift towards contemporary dance, which Baryshnikov described as, "less mannered, more democratic, more transparent and, from my point of view, closer to the hearts of people". He was now able to work with the choreographers Twyla Tharp, Jerome Robbins and Mark Morris.
  • Period: to

    (No day and month) Sex and the City

    Baryshnikov starred in Sex and the City with love interest Carrie Bradshaw as a Russian artist ("Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov.", 1).
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