Alexander Graham Bell's life

  • Birth

    Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 1, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland..
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    Alexander Graham Bell's life

  • Harmonic Telegraph

    The harmonic telegraph is a thing that can convey several notes at the same time using a telegraph wire from different pitches. This invention is important because it helped people communicate without having to use the mail.
  • Telephone

    The telephone is an object that could relay sound. This invention is important because it helped people in an emergency get help faster.
  • Alexander Graham Bell gets married

    Alexander Graham Bell gets married to Mabel Hubbard.
  • The Audiometer

    The audiometer is an invention that tests your ability to hear. This invention is important because it shows if you are deaf are not.
  • Photophone

    This invention carries someone's speech by light. This was the start of improving the telephone and he wanted to do it so he and his assistant could communicate from farther away.
  • The Vacuum Jacket

    The vacuum jacket is an invention that pumps air into your lungs ultimately making your lungs like iron. That is how it earned the name “iron lungs”. It is important because it can help save children that lungs were not strong enough to breath
  • Metal Detector

    The metal detector was made to detect metal. In 1881 the metal detector was used to try to find a bullet in a dead president's body.
  • The Graphophone

    The graphophone is an invention that allows lengthier and better high-quality recordings.
  • The Aileron

    The aileron is a device that is attached to an airplane that helps it stay horizontal.
  • Speedboat

    This event was when Alexander Graham Bell got the idea to try to build a plane that could go on water. In the end, he made a speedboat.
  • Death

    Alexander Graham Bell died on August 2, 1922 at Beinn Bhreagh in Nova Scotia, Canada.