Aggression in Europe and Asia

  • Japan Invades Manchuria

    Japanese army invdes Manchuria, claims Chinese soldiers savotaged their railray in Manchuria, and attack the Chinese army.
  • Italy attacks Ethiopia

    Italian troops invades Ethiopia, to attempt fo conquer it, and colonize. They later suceed.
  • Germany occupies Rineland

    German troops had invaded Rhineland, had Germany had taken over.
  • Japan invades China

    As the Japanese army made its way into Northern China, It faught aganst the Chinises army.
  • Germany annexes Austria

    German troops invaded Austria, and it was annexed.
  • Germany takes Sudetenland

    German troops invade Sudetenland, and take over.
  • Germany seizes Czechoslovakia

    Czechoslovakia was handed over to Germany as a peace offering.
  • Italy conquers Albania

    After Italian troops had invaded, Italy took control of Albania.