Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

Timeline created by limk
  • Taliban Becomes Recognized

    Taliban Becomes Recognized
    The Taliban, a newly formed Islamic militia rises to power on promises of peace. It is said in the article that, "Islamic law is enforced via public executions and amputations. The United States refuses to recognize the authority of the Taliban"
  • Afghan Communist Party Forms

    "The Afghan Communist Party secretly forms. The group’s principal leaders are Babrak Karmal and Nur Mohammad Taraki"
  • Monarchy is abolished

    Monarchy is abolished
    Mohammed Daoud Khan becomes king after overthrowing Mohammed Zahir Shah and decides to abolish the monarchy. He names himself president and, "The Republic of Afghanistan is established with firm ties to the USSR" (PBS NewsHour)
  • Amir Found His Calling

    Amir Found His Calling
    In July, 1973, Amir finally found his calling, writing. With one letter from Rahim Khan and reassurance from Hassan, he chose what he wanted to do and stuck with it. His story was questioned by Hassan but he never got to finish his question, "because suddenly Afghanistan changed forever" (34). This foreshadowed the gunshots that wrung out in Kabul. This although was not hunters killing ducks, but the end of the monarchy.
  • Hassan's Lip Surgery

    Hassan's Lip Surgery
    It was Hassan's Birthday and as a present, Baba got Hassan lip surgery. Once Hassan was out of surgery, after a while, "it was only a faint scar. Which was ironic. Because that was the winter that Hassan stopped smiling" (47). This was just another foreshadowing from the author. It expressed the irony of how Hassan got surgery to have a nice smile, but he didn't end up needing it because he went through an impactful event that caused him to no longer want to smile.
  • Winter of 1975

    Winter of 1975
    This winter, was the winter that everything changed for Amir. Hassan got raped and it caused Amir to put a barrier between Hassan and him. A quote that interested me was when Amir foreshadowed everything that was to happen, "in the winter of 1975, [he] saw Hassan run a kite for the last time" (55). This quote foreshadowed that bad events happened that winter. It tells you that something is going to happen and it leads up to many major changes in everyone's life.
  • Ali and Hassan Leave

    Ali and Hassan Leave
    Ali and Hassan leave Baba and Amir after the last straw was pulled and the Ali no longer thought that living with Amir was a safe idea. When Ali told Baba that they were leaving, Amir, "saw Baba do something [he] had never seen him do before: He cried. It scared [him] a little, seeing a grown man sob" (107). This shows how selfish Amir is. He drove Ali and Baba away for himself at the expense of everyone else's feelings. He didn't even think about it further, seeing Baba so hurt.
  • Nur Mohammad Taraki

    Nur Mohammad Taraki
    Mohammed Daoud Khan is killed and Nur Mohammad Taraki takes his place. This controversy leads to a fight between two sides.
  • Control

    The United States cuts off assistance of Afghanistan when an American Ambassador is killed. A power struggle between Taraki and Deputy Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin begins. In the end, Taraki is killed. After a while, Amin is also killed. Deputy Prime Minister Babrak Karmal becomes prime minister and a widespread opposition to Karmal and the Soviets spawns violent public demonstration.
  • Baba and Amir Flee

    Baba and Amir Flee
    Because of the violence happening in Kabul, Amir and Baba leave to America. In the bus, on the way to Pakistan, they were stopped by Russian soldiers. They wanted to take a woman for a bit as payment to let them pass. Baba protested and said, "I'll take a thousand of his bullets before I let this indecency take place" (116). This just shows the extent to which Baba will go to, even die, before he goes against his morals.
  • Many Flee Afghanistan

    Many Flee Afghanistan
    The PBS NewsHour mentions that, "Afghan guerrillas gain control of rural areas, and Soviet troops hold urban areas" and because of that, "Some 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran".
  • Graduation

    Amir graduated from high school. He was the oldest senior to be graduating at twenty. Amir describes Baba on that day, "wearing his brown suit--his only suit, the same one he wore to Afghan weddings and funerals" (131). I find it intriguing that Baba wears the same suit to weddings and funerals. You'd think that it would be disrespectful.
  • Ending

    When Amir was at a video store, he accidentally spoiled a movie for someone else. He then made a comment that, "in Afghanistan, the ending was all that mattered" (357). Ths was very interesting because you'd think they would want to know the journey and all the action that unfolds in the middle. You also don't know the background information. All they need to know is if they end up happy.
  • Amir and Soraya's Marriage

    Amir and Soraya's Marriage
    In 1983, Amir finished his first year of junior college, Baba got sick and Amir got married. A quote that really interested me was when Amir, "envied her. Her secret was out. Dealt with" (165). This is really significant because even with Soraya having atoned for her sins and admitted them, Amir still won't himself. I also found it interesting that he says he envies Soraya for having her secret out and he makes it sound like he can't, it is not possible for him to say his sins out loud either.
  • Rahim Khan's Quest for Hassan

    Rahim Khan's Quest for Hassan
    Although this event was recalled, we still hear the events that Rahim Khan went through to find Hassan. While starting to tell Amir, he said that on of his biggest reasons to find Hassan, "was that [he] was lonely" (203). This quote is interesting to me because of all people that he could go to, he chose to find Hassan. He could have gone to America, but he chose to go find him, not knowing what he would say.
  • First Novel

    First Novel
    Amir finished writing his first novel in the summer or 1988 about a father-son story set in Kabul. Khala Jamila was so proud that she was going to, "vow to have a sheep slaughtered and the meat given to the poor if [Amir's] book was accepted" (182). I thought this was an interesting way of praising a good thing. I see it as passing on the good deed from the good that you were just blessed with.
  • Peace Treaty Signed

    In 1989, "The U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union sign peace accords in Geneva guaranteeing Afghan independence and the withdrawal of 100,000 Soviet troops".
  • Farzana's Pregnancy

    Farzana's  Pregnancy
    Rahim Khan tells Amir about Hassan's life and in the early 1990, Fazara, Hassan's wife, got pregnant. Hassan's mother also showed up at the house. Rahim Khan said that, "No one who passed her on the street, be it a man or a woman, could look at her only once. And now..." (210). This quote shows the irony that the author wanted to show in the book. Sanaubar was once so beautiful, but now, she was hurt and very injured.
  • Adoption as an Option

    Adoption as an Option
    After undergoing many tests and procedures, Amir and Soraya finally accepted the fact that they cannot have a child themselves. They break the news to Khala Jamila and General Sahib that they might adopt. General Sahib said that, "Blood is a powerful thing...that when you adopt, you don't know whose blood you're bringing into your house" (188). He explained that it would be different if they were American. The power of blood and that because of their culture, it prevents them from being happy.
  • Taliban Control

    The Taliban publicly executes someone and ethnic groups in the north, under Masood’s Northern Alliance, and the south, helped by Hamid Karzai, continue to battle the Taliban for control of the country.
  • Bombing of Two American Embassies

    Two American Embassies in Africa were bombed and to counteract the action, "President Clinton ordered cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan. The attacks miss the Saudi and other leaders of the terrorist group"
  • The Trek to Afghanistan

    The Trek to Afghanistan
    After a phone call with Rahim Khan, Amir finally decides to go back to Afghanistan. Before he hung up, Rahim Khan told Amir that, "there is a way to be good again" (192). This quote is important because it clarifies that Rahim Khan knows what Amir did all those years ago. Which makes it even more urgent for Amir to go back and talk to Rahim Khan.
  • Amir and Sohrab's Return

    Amir and Sohrab's Return
    Amir and Sohrab finally make it to America after a long road they were on. So many things happened and when they were met by Soraya, "her eyes [were] tearing over a little, [we] had a glimpse of the mother she might have been" (358). This is significant because it gives Soraya the child she has anticipated for and deserves so much. It shows how even though she doesn't know Sohrab, she will do anything to care and love for him.
  • 9/11

    "Hijackers commandeer four commercial airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center Towers in New York, the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C., and a Pennsylvania field, killing thousands" as stated from A Historical Timeline of Afghanistan by PBS NewsHour.
  • An Amazing Thing Happened

       An Amazing Thing Happened
    In March of 2002, Amir finally has closure with his sins when he was flying a kite with Sohrab. Amir then makes a heartwarming statement, "For you, a thousand times over" (371). This was a really powerful quote because it was the last thing Hassan said to Amir before he changed forever. The significance is very meaningful to Amir and although Sohrab does not think anything different of the words, Amir does.