Advertising History

  • First newspaper ad.

    Renaudot created the gazette in 1631, this was the first french newspaper, The personal ad was born.
  • Period: to


  • Great fire of london

    after englands great fire of london this was a boost to advertising. people publsihed afverts of missing items in the local newspapers.
  • industrial revolution

    Manufactuers were competeing with products from different factiories and started to advertise their products through magazine and leaflet
  • pears soap

    pears soap was advertised in london britain via magazine newspaper and poster.
  • propaganda

    europe and us started to advertise posters about recruitment in 1914 about the war.
  • it grows

    advertising was used via the mass media. adverts were being presented in cinemas and on the radio.
  • TV

    advertising had greatened after ww2
    much more audience approached, advertisments hit tv and magazines
  • David Ogly

    he was the first man to realise and create an advert through a storybard and get a lot of free advertising. advertising was considered a proffesion by this date
  • now

    advertising is everywhere now and has developed with technology. ads are all over the internet and magazines, posters, tv etc. it is considered 'normal'.