Adobe Bungalow's waiting game

  • Discounts at Adobe Bungalow

    Jane Lenoue and Richard Araiza get notice of a 50% discount sale at Adobe Bungalow.
  • Furniture Purchased

    Lenoue and Araiza decide to buy a 2-piece sectional priced at $5,830. The couple made a half down payment of $2,687. Adobe Bungalow said the furniture would be delivered in about four months.
  • Status Update Sought

    Approximate Date: The couple asked Adobe Bungalow for a status update on their order. They claim the company gave them excuse after excuse.
  • Adobe Bungalow Letter

    Adobe Bungalow sent customers a letter stating it had closed its retail location. The company told customers they had to pay their remaining balance into a trust account before their orders would be shipped. A retail manager told KRQE News 13 there were 68 outstanding orders when Adobe Bungalow shut its doors.
  • KRQE News 13 Asked to Help

    Araiza contacts KRQE News 13 for help in assuring orders were delivered to customers.
  • Negotiations

    Adobe Bungalow's attorney William Davis confirms the company is negotiating a written agreement with furniture manufacturer Stickley that includes a provision ensuring customers' money will go to pay for orders.