Adeles Rewardful and Respected Life

  • A big day. Adele is born

    A big day. Adele is born
    Adele was born May 5th 1988. She was named Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. Most people know her as Adele.
  • Period: to

    adeles rewarded and respected life

  • Adele becomes famous

    Adele becomes famous
    Adeles friend posted her demo on MySpace and Adele got a recording contract from XL Recordingsin 2006.
  • HER 1st AWARD

    HER 1st AWARD
    In 2007 she had won the "Brit Award" (Critics Award) i do not know actually when it came out but i know the year.
  • 2nd AWARD

    2nd AWARD
    Adele won the BBC SOUND OF 2008
  • first album

    first album
    Adele released her first album at 19.
  • 3rd award

    3rd award
    Adele won the Grammy Awards and Album of the Year