Adam's Life Thus Far

  • Brit Milah

  • Read Torah in 5th grade

  • Bar Mitzvah

  • Israel

    Went To Israel with my Mother and one brother, came back and started wearing a kipah all the time. I went to a public high school where I was the only one who was wearing a kipah out of 3000+ students (maybe 1% jewish or less).
  • Decided to keep kosher

    I grew up keeping kosher, and when I went to college I experimented a little, and then re-decided to keep kosher for myself.
  • Jewish Communal Leader

    At Brandeis - for a few years - a lay-leader. I would lead shabbat 'tisches' and services in shul.
  • Pardes

    Began studies at Pardes, with a number of amazing teachers, including Rav Landes and Rav Elisha
  • Made Aliyah

  • Joined Israeli Army

    I was a combat medic in NaHaL for 2 years.
  • Wedding

  • Eden Leah

    Had a Jewish Baby