Act 5 scene 3

  • Paris visits Juliet's tomb with his servant and mourns over her body when Romeo arrives

    Paris visits Juliet's tomb with his servant and mourns over her body when Romeo arrives
    Paris visits Juliet's tomb with his servant and mourns over her body, and Romeo arrives. Paris hides and listens to Romeo address Balthasar (Romeo's servant). Romeo warns Balthasar to leave him alone and not to disturb him under any circumstances Paris, recognises Romeo as the man who killed Juliet's cousin. He confronts Romeo and tries to arrest him. Romeo warns Paris to go away, he plans on committing suicide and does not want to commit any further crimes, Paris ignored him and got killed.
  • After Paris die, Romeo suicided

    After Paris die, Romeo suicided
    While dying, Paris begs to be placed next to Juliet. Romeo looks at Paris' body and feels pity for him
    He regrets the untimely death. He then gazes at Juliet's body and marvels at her beauty. He reflects that death has had not impact of her. He wonders is death is in love with Juliet and plans to preserve her. He notices Tybalts body as well and feels not hatred for the man; he is overtaken by the pity of the scene. Romeo produced some poison and kills himself.
  • After Romeo and Paris's death

    At this point, Friar Laurence finally arrives and finds Balthasar and asks what happened to Romeo
    Balthasar said he isn't supposed to be there... he is worried about entering the tomb because Romeo threatened to kill him if he intruded. Laurence goes in himself and discovers all the dead bodies, realising quickly that he arrived too late
  • Juliet woke up

    Juliet woke up
    Juliet wakes up. Friar Laurence says he can save Juliet, hiding her in a nunnery, but she must leave at once. She tells him to go; she plans to stay. She notices that Romeo has drunk all the poison and left non for her. She sees that there is a little poison on Romeo's lips, so she kisses him and drinks it, noting that his lips are still warm. The poison wasn't enough to poison her so she took Romeo's dagger and stabbed herself. Juliet dies.
  • After Juliet's death

    Guards enter and discover the carnage
    all are shocked that Juliet, who was apparently dead for days, seems to be newly killed. as is the friar Laurence
    The caupulet's and the Montagues arrive and are confused by all the chaos. Friar Laurence explains everything
    he states that the secretly married the two that he had to or else Juliet would have killed herself. He gave her a potion to fake her own death but Romeo did not get the warning
    all of this bloodshed is a result.
  • Their families discovered what just happened

    They discover his letter warning Romeo and believe his story. Both families are completely heartbroken. they decide to end their feud. They also decide to create a stature honouring Juliet. The prince says that some will be punished and others forgiven.