Achievements in Electricity

  • Static Electricity Discovered

    Static Electricity Discovered
    At approximately this date Williiam Gilbert finds methods to study static electricity.
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    Dates of Achievements in Electricity

  • Benjamin Franklin's Kite

    Benjamin Franklin's Kite
    Benjamin Franklin, sing a key and a kite, displayed lightning electricity.
  • Discovery of Electromagnetic Induction

    Discovery of Electromagnetic Induction
    Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction in this year.
  • Dry Cell Batteries

    Dry Cell Batteries
    Dry cell batteries invented in France by G. Leclanche.
  • First Telephone Transmission

    First Telephone Transmission
    Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas watson exchange the first-ever succesful transmission by telephone. The first sentence ever spoken over the telephone was said by Bell who said "Watson come; I need you."
  • Invention of LIght Bulb

    Invention of LIght Bulb
    Thomas Alva Edison patents light bulb.
  • Solar Panels Introduced to General Public

    Solar Panels Introduced to General Public
    Russlell Ohl introduces and patents the invention of the solar panls.
  • Launch of First Satellite

    Launch of First Satellite
    The Sputnik 1 was launched on this date and gave off the strogest radio signal the world had seen.
  • First Robot

    First Robot
    The first robot was invented this year.