Abyssinian Crisis

  • Walwal

    Italy builds a fort at Walwal, which was generally considered as part of Ethiopia. (No exact date)
  • Abyssinia protests

    Abyssinia protests against Italy
  • Italy demands apology

  • Border Clash

    Border clash at Walwal
  • Ethiopia appeals

    Ethiopia appeals to League of Nations
  • Secret treaty between French and Italians

    Italy has a free hand in dealing with Ethiopia if it supports against German aggression.
  • Italian Soldiers killed

    Five Italian soldiers/police force were killed by Ethiopian forces near Walwal
  • Mussolini prepares to invade

    Mussolini sends 100 000 troops to prepare to invade Ethiopia
  • League of Legends conference

    The League of Nations hold a special conference to discuss the Abyssinian crisis
  • Arms embargo

    Britain bans arms sale to both Italy and Ethiopia
  • Italy invades Ethiopia

    Italy invades Ethiopia, Italy is condemned by League of Nations
  • League of Nations declare Italy as aggressor

    League of Nations declare Italy as the aggressor and imposes sanctions against it
  • Ethiopia appeals

    Ethiopia appeals again to the League, but nothing effective can be done
  • League of Nations admit failure

    League of Nations admits failure in the dispute
  • Italy officially captures Ethiopia

    Italy officially captures Ethiopia and takes full control of it.