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  • james patterson has arrived!!!

    james patterson has arrived!!!
    james patterson was born on march 22 of 1947. his father is charles and his mother is Isabelle. he was born in Newburgh NY imadge found at http://mamadojo.mamapopllc.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/sleeping-baby-580x433.jpg
  • Period: to

    his life

  • He goes to college

    He goes to college
    His bachelor degree was at Manhattan College, Master's at Vanderbilt. Read more: Image source
  • the u.s. wants his books

    the u.s. wants his books
    since 2006 17 of the books bought in the u.s. are written by james patterson
  • a new house

    a new house
    read more he bought his 21,353 sq ft manstion in 2008 for 17.415 million the house looks like a beach house on steroids. they live in palm beach florida
  • maximum ride

    maximum ride
  • maximum ride 2

    maximum ride 2
    image sourece<a href='http://www.jamespatterson.com/books_max.php' >read more</a>the second maximum ride book is a hit
  • awardsss!!!!

    image sorcehe wone the edgar award the BCA thriller of the year and the international thriller of the year award and childrens choice book awared
  • all books are out

    read more all seven books are out will he make more