Abigails Agriscience Timeline

  • Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin to transform cotton to s usable product by removing the cottonseed from the cotton fiber.
  • Iron Plow

    Thomas Jefferson is the inventor of the first iron plow.
  • Grain Reaper

    Cyrus McCormick invented the grain reaper to save labor in cutting, wheat, oats, and similar crops .
  • Seed Planter

    invented by Henry Blair.
  • Cotton Planter

    invented by Henry Blair
  • Steel Moldboard

    John Deere improved the iron plow by inventing the steel moldboard plow.
  • Corn Picker

    It was invented by Edmund Quincy.
  • Barbed Wire

    Joseph Glidden dramatically changed raising live stock. Barbed wire tattoos came much later.
  • Milking Machine

    Anna Baldwin changed the dairy industry by inventing a machine to replace hand milking.
  • Pershable Food Preservations

    Thomas Elkins designed a device that helped with the task of preserving foods by by way of refrigeration.
  • Soil Improvement and Crop Rotation

    George Washington Carver developed crop rotations and the use of legumes (plants that make thier own nitrogen, ie. peanuts to significantly improve soil fertility in the U.S. south.
  • Tractor

    Ben Holt invented the tractor which came to replace the mule as the sources of power (horse power).
  • Gene Gun

    John Sanford developed a device for injecting cells with genetic information.
  • Robotic Milking Machines

    First used in Ontario, Canada. Many benefits one of which is reduction in labor. Initial cost is primary disadvantage especially to small producer.
  • GPS Tachnology

    Tractor based GPS systems together with sophisticated GIS (Geographic Information Systems) uses a wide variety of techniques to gather data such as soil condition, humidity, temperature and other variables, which the system then uses to control such things as intensity of planting, application of fertilizer and pesticides, watering schedules, etc.