Abe Lincoln

Timeline created by briebee97
  • Birth

    Lincoln was born in Ketucky to his parents Thomas and Nancy.
  • General Assembly

    Lincoln was elected into the General Assembly, from Illinois.
  • Marriage

    Lincoln married Mary Todd, after an interesting courtship.
  • Congress

    Lincoln was elected for congress.
  • Baseball

    The first game of baseball was played at some point in 1848.
  • Croquet

    Croquet was introduced to America in 1860.
  • President

    Lincoln won the presidency for the republicans.
  • Emancipation Proclimation

    Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclimation, making the war about freeing slaves.
  • Roller Skates

    Roller Skates were introduced to America in 1863.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address on the Gettysburg battle feild.
  • 13 Amendment

    Congress approved the 13 Amendment, making slavery illegal.
  • Surrender

    General Lee surrenders to General Grant, ending the war.
  • Assassination

    Lincoln got shot while watchng a play with his wife.
  • Death

    Lincoln died at 7:22 in the morning, after being shot.