Abby Frindle

Timeline created by abbyvcs
  • 3rd Grade Tropical Classroom

    3rd Grade Tropical Classroom
    Nick turns 3rd grade into a tropical island with small palm trees,sand,and a classroom that is 90 degrees.
  • 4th Grade Peep

    4th Grade Peep
    One day Nick watches a TV program about how some blackbirds can make a high pitched sound so the dangerous bird does not know where it comes from.He tries to do a high piched peep during reading time in school and the teacher blames Janet.
  • The Idea

    The Idea
    One day Janet and Nick was walking on the curb and Nick found a gold pen and named it frindle. Janet was confused and Nick explained it to her.
  • Word War

    Word War
    Nick annoyes Mrs.Granger with the word frindle and she makes a word war.The word war is when someone says frindle they go to detention and write I am writing this with a pen several times.
  • The Envilope

    One day Nick was asked by Mrs. Granger to meet her in her classroom. She asked him to sign a letter and to not open it.
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