A year as a Bear

  • Shhhhh!

    Sorry, still sleeping, not much to talk about.
  • Activity in the Den

    During the month of Feb. is about the time that female bears will give birth to her cubs. The female bear may not even wake up when her cubs are beign born. The cubs will know how to nurse when born. While twins are most common, female bears may give birth to as many as four bears!
  • In the Den

    Mother bears will still be sleeping, and cubs will still be nursing from their mom. This is why it is so important for female bears espically to gain a lot of weight before going into the den, they will be feeding cubs and will not have access to food themselvs and must live off thier fat reserves.
  • Early Bear gets the worm

    Male bears may exit dens as early as april. They will be hungry and not have to worry about keeping young cubs warm. Male bears will not den with females or help raise cubs in any way. Female bears will remain in thier den with her cubs for another month or two.
  • Wake up time!

    Sometime in the early spring, hibernating bears will emerge from their caves to start looking for food. Day time tempatures in the cave are the main reason that brings the bear out of the cave. Females with cubs will be on the lookout for male bears that will not hesitate from snatching a cub for a quick meal. Cubs weigh about 15 pounds when they come out of the den.
  • Hungry!

    After the Bear emerges from its cave, it begins to look for food. Druing this time of the year, bears will eat anything they can get thier paws on. Grasses, winter kill moose, shrews, fish are all on the menue, look out
  • Still gaining weight

    Bears are still in eating mode and are trying to gain weight lost during the winter months.
  • Sumer is on

    Bears have now gained back 1/3 of thier body weight since comming out of hibernation. The bears are now starting to think about finding higher ground to escape some of the heat of the summer months. In the mountains, along rivers, and in thick cover are all areas bears like to spend hot days.
  • Fall is in the air

    Days are starting to get shorter and colder in Alaska this time of year. Bears have spent much of the summer relaxing and exploring. Now however, bears are going to start to think about packing on some weight for winter.
  • Getting Fat!

    Bears are packing on the pounds this time of the year. Most bears spend all day strictly focused on eating. Salmon is the popular food for bears this time of the year. Salmon provide high protien and high fat that bears will need to pack on pounds. caution should be used when traveling in the fall along salmon streams.
  • Brrrrrrrr.....

    As the days begin to grow short and cold, bears begin looking for a good den site. Most dens will be dug into a bank or hillside.
  • zzzzzzz.

    Bears will be in dens by this time of they year. They will be fat from their fall diet of salmon and berries and are prepared to spend the winter in the den. During hibernation, heart rate slows, body tempature drops, and other metabolic mechanisms slow. Bears will not eat, drink, urinate, or defacate in dens all winter.
  • ZZZZZZ....

    Bears are still fast asleep and dreaming of spring.