Bon jovi

bon jovi rocks!!!

  • the begining

    the begining
    bon jovi made and sell its first album called "bon jovi" and release they first single called "runaway"
  • 7800° fahrenheit

    7800° fahrenheit
    the second album of bon jovi saw the light and its rewarded whit a golden disc
  • Slippery When Wet

    Slippery When Wet
    bon jovi makes a one year tour and reach the top of multiple song list whit the songs "you give love a bad name", "living on a preyer" and "wanted dead or alive"
  • the fourth disc see the light

    the fourth disc see the light
    taking advantage of the near success bon jovi made another disk
  • two years of silence

    two years of silence
    bon jovi take a break from music discs and recorded a movie soundtrack
  • legend reborn

    legend reborn
    bon jovi back to the music and release a new disc called "keep the faith"
  • another end

    another end
    most of the staff of bon jovi have been married or had children, they start to take care of theyr personal lives
  • alone in the music

    alone in the music
    jon bon jovi starts a carrer alone in the music
  • bon jovi unite.!!!.. again

    bon jovi unite.!!!.. again
    Jon Bon Jovi and Friends Come Together
  • 100'000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't be Wrong

    100'000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't be Wrong
    bon jovi release a box set made of 4 disc full of music and videos, some of them unseen
  • have a nice day

    have a nice day
    bon jovi release a new album and make another tour
  • hall of fame

    hall of fame
    bon jovi became the youngster legend in music reaching the UK hall of fame
  • lost highway

    lost highway
    bon jovi released a new album and climb to the top of the song lists again!
  • the circle!

    the circle!
    bon jovi create a disc taking inspiration from the president of the U.S.A. and the economic events that happen in that time
  • greatest hits

    greatest hits
    bon jovi released the disc "greatest hits" and make another tour that remain until 2012
  • the end of an era

    the end of an era
    bon jovi released the disc "because we can", it wasnt as succesfull as the other discs of the band and in a try to recover they prestigie they release the same year the album "what about now", this last wasnt even enter in any of the music lists, whit that in mind jon reveal that the band wasnt going to be unite long more and the guitarrist of the band leaved bon jovi for ever