A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard- 273 pages- nonfiction

  • A Stolen Life: pages 1- 15

    Jaycees Dugard briefly talks about her everyday life as an eleven year old girl. She also talks about certainthings going on in her life. Suddenly, one day, a man gets out of his car while she's walking to school. He tazes her with a stun gun and takes her to his home. While in his home, he makes her shower with him.
    Pages read: 15 running total: 637
  • A Stolen Life: pages 16- 30

    The man takes Jaycee to a shack type building near his house and locks her in there. He handcuffs her too. As time passes by, they adapt into a daily routine of him bringing her fast food once everyday. Until one week later when he rapes her.
    Pages read: 29 running total: 652
  • A Stolen Life: pages 31- 54

    Philliip gets Jaycee a kitten for some itme, but eventually gets rid of it. Jaycee briefly talks about her biological father who was never around for the first eleven years of her life. Jaycee also experiences her first "run" with Phillip.
    Pages read: 23 running total: 675
  • A Stolen Life: pages 55- 96

    Jaycee talks about how over time, her and Nancy and Phillip start spending more time together. Then, Phillip lives on "another island" for a month, but it turns out he go tsent to jail for drugs. He is realeased and still continues to use Jaycee for sex. She also talks about a cat he got her named Eclipse and includes journal entries she wrote for Eclipse.
    Pages read: 41 running total: 718
  • A Stolen Life: pages 97- 112

    Jaycee is now 14 and learns she is pregnant. Also, the "family" drives to a trailer, )Jaycee doesn't know where it is or whose it is) to hide. Jaycee then haves the baby, (a girl that they name A) and starts learning how to take care of her.
    Pages read: 15 running total: 734
  • A Stolen Life: pages 113- 155

    Jaycee continues to reflect on her experiences with A. She soon learns that she is pregnant again. Phillip decides to start a cheap printing business called Printing For Less, and Jaycee starts helping him with that. She then has her second girl, (who they name G). She tells about takin gcare of her daughters. After little time, Nancy gets jealous and they decide to have the girls refer to Nancy as their mom and Jaycee as their sister. Jaycee becomes the sister named Alissa. Pages: 42 total:777
  • A Stolen Life: Pages 156- 187

    Jaycee continues on with her life very lonely and depressed, She also starts going out in public more but no one recognizes her and she is terrified of speaking up. These pages mostly constisted of journal entries that Jaycee wrote,
    Pages read: 31 running total: 809
  • A Stolen Life: pages 187- 222

    Jaycee shares a few more of her journal entries. She then talks about how Phillip got caight and arrested. Then, finally, after 18 years, she is reunitesd with her mother. They catch up and her mother meets her grandchildren. Jaycee begins to talk about some of the milestones she reaches after returning to freedom.
    Pages read: 25 running total: 844
  • A Stolen Life: pages 223- 260

    Jaycee finally reunites with her mother. Then, she talks about milestones she conquered after returning home. she also discusses her unique therapy wiht a really good therapist.
    Pages read: 37 running total: 882
  • A Stolen Life: pages 260- 275

    To conclude her book, Jaycee reflects on her life today and continues to talk about milestones she accomplished. I enjoyed the book.
    Pages read: 15 running total: 897