how you can help a group of refugees be integrated in your town or village.

  • Refugees in my town

    Refugees in my town
    In Kozani can be successfully integrated barely 9.950 refugess in proportion to its population that is around 71.000 people.That make sense if you consider that in Tilos, in which the resident population is not more than 500 people, refugees that have settled is almost 70, in total.
  • Bigger communities, bigger number of refugees

    Bigger communities, bigger number of refugees
    The number of refugees that can be integrated is, in proportion to the population of each community. The bigger the community is, the more help can provide to those people who are in suffer. That happens because of the larger places that they can use for their accommodation, the plentiful vacant jobs that they can find and the better living conditions.
  • Entrepreneurship

    Refugees are going to be a part of the factories of the region and the manpower is going to consists of them. That will give a boost to the enterprises, the town, already has.
    The agriculture could be developed by them, so as the region to take advantage of the cultivable land and the climate that can make easier the procedure.
    In particular, they could help in in the picking process of the crocus in the region.
  • Local economy

    Local economy
    Would be significant refugees to help sick,disable people or the elderly to recover faster in the regional hospital.
    Also they can work at the regional shops.
    Those people are going to boost the local economy as they will inject money into the town, because they will spend the allowance they get from UN, in smaill businesses.
  • Schools can help

    Schools can help
    Teachers can help refugees learn the greek language.
    The children can help them become integrated by accepting young refugees as their friends. And by that way, they could help them to become familiar with the new places, and the people they meet for the fist time after that hard situation they experienced.
    Also the school could organize a charity bazaar and the money would be gathered to be donated for their living conditions in town.
  • Places to live

    Places to live
    Refugees in our town could be accomodated in abandoned places that are in good condition or in courts and fields.
    Also native people can donate money for them and as ipmortant as that would be the gathering of clothes, toys and food.
  • The positive results for my town

    The positive results for my town
    That situation is going to benefit the economy of the region.
    Greek residents are going to fammiliarize refugees with that fact and they will learn to help and service the people who are in need. Also the children will realize that they may be associated with people who are different from them, and that those people are as good as them and they have the same needs, rights and obligations.