A new power emerges

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  • 1,798 BCE

    Consolidation of empire

    Consolidation of empire
    The British governor general ''Marquis of Wellesley'' a strong willed and clever man did a lot of destruction to the Indian's.
  • Death of Tipu Sultan

    Death of Tipu Sultan
    The legendaries of Mysore passed away. Tipu Sultan and Haider Ali did make roads gave importance to the education.
  • Lord Lake's brutality

    Lord Lake's brutality
    Lord Lake take over Delhi after effectively putting down the Marathan leader, Sindhia.
  • Peace treaty with Rangit Singh.

    Peace treaty with Rangit Singh.
    The pease treaty was done between Rangit Singh and British. While British took some lands from Rangit Singh.
  • Annexation of Sindh

    Annexation of Sindh
    After the falisure of Afghans in the battle with british lead to annexation of Sindh.
  • Doctrine of Lapse

    Doctrine of Lapse
    Lord Dalhousie displayed a new policy doctrine of lapse which told that if a mughal emperor dies without a male hier, his empire will be annexed.
  • Annexation of panjab

    Annexation of panjab
    After the annexation of Sindh the punjab was also annexed.
  • War of Independence

    War of Independence
    The event of cartridges lead to independense war.