A Marine, The War, Dog Named Lava's Timeline

  • Fallujah

    All the soldiers are getting ready to attack but then they hear something, and Lieutenant Colonel Kopelman thinks its a injured soldier, but they find out its an injured puppy.
  • Helping Lava

    Helping Lava
    Lieutenant Colonel Kopelman grabbed th puupy and named her Lava. He ran with her in his arms, started calling anyone or asking anyone if they can help her, or find a vet to give her shots.
  • Bringing Lava Home

    Lieutenant Kopelman asked Anna when
  • Bringing Kopelmanand Lava home

    Kopelman was ready to take Lava home, and his family was so happy to have an addition to the family.
  • Home

    Lava is so happy, and jumping everywhere. Kopelman was so excited to be home with his Family and Lava.
  • Getting Lava her shot

    Lieutenant Kopelman tries to find a person who can help Lava, thn finds this man that told him that he can give Lava her shots. then he tell Kopelman that he doesn't think if he can bring her back in time, and that is a big problem.
  • Lava

    After Lave got her shots she became for agressive. Kopelman thought she was going thorugh a phase, but he realized she wasn't. A little later on in the week Lava became her normal self and Kopelman for got about her past behavior.
  • Anne Garrels

    Anne GarrelsAnne Garrels contacted Kopelman and told him that she would love to help him. She got Lava and left. Later on Anne was telling Kopelman that Lava's been sleeping pretty well at the command post.
  • Lava goes Home

    Kopelman finally gets home with Lava. His wife and his children jump up and get Lava.Lava was so excited to be in a home. Finally!