A History of the American Suffragist Movement

  • Woman' Rights Convection

    Woman' Rights Convection
    Over 100 people attend the first womans rights convention in Seneca Falls. The attendees are Amelia Bloomer, Charlotte Woodward, and Frederick Douglas.
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  • "Ain't I A Woman" woman's rights convection speech

    "Ain't I A Woman" woman's rights convection speech
    Sojourner Truth made her :Ain't I A Woman" speeach at a womans rights convection.
  • Agitate Woman's Suffrage

    Agitate Woman's Suffrage
    Woman traveled to Kansas to agitate woman's suffrage. after a while after compainging, suffragists are defeated on the fall ballot.
  • Woman's Rights to Vote 14th Amendment

    Woman's Rights to Vote 14th Amendment
    14th Amendement passes slaves the right to vote., The word "male" was excluded from woman's suffrage . Anthony & Stanton's arguments lead to split in the movement.
  • National Woman Suggrage Association

    National Woman Suggrage Association
    Allows only woman membership and advocates for woman suffrage above all other issues
  • 15 Amendment

    15 Amendment
    The law states that women are allowed to vote, women are still excluded from voting.
  • Parade

    Alice Paul oragizes a parade for woman through Washington. She becomes the leader of the CU.
  • Wilson's Request for Woman's Rights

    Wilson's Request for Woman's Rights
    President Wilson issues a statement supporting a federal amendment to grant woman's suffrage. He addresses the Senate from the 19th amendment.
  • Passed the 19th Amendment

    Passed the 19th Amendment
    Senate finally passes the 19th Amendment , and suffragists tatification campaign.
  • 19th Amendement

    19th Amendement
    After amount of work, women finally have the right to speak in their goverment through years of dedication.