A few of Selangor's achievements/events since March 2008

  • Barisan Nasional loses Selangor to opposition Pakatan Rakyat

  • Period: to

    Selangor's political history since March 2008 till present (October 2011)

  • New state government provides 20m3 of treated water F-O-C

  • Tabung Warisan Anak Selangor (TAWAS) was launched

    Children born in Selangor fulfilling certain terms & conditions are given the opportunity to register for a savings account with starting amount of RM100
  • Friendly Scheme for Senior Citizens

    Program to safeguard the welfare of senior citizens launched.
  • Wanita Keadilan posts on Wordpress for OSCC service improvement

    Wanita Keadilan posts that the Selangor state government should improve on its services on future cases of frame, abuse, etc.
  • No Plastic Bag Day implementation

    The Selangor state government implements a 'No Plastic Bag' policy every Saturday to promote 'Go Green' movement.
  • The release of the Selangor Times - a local newspaper

    Selangor Times, a free weekly newspaper focused on community news. Available in English and Mandarin. Criticized for lacking in a Malay language version (to reach out to a wider audience).
  • Selangor Identity Convention 2011