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A Dingo Stole My Baby

By 719305
  • Azaria disappears from tent

  • Evidence found

    Jumpsuit and singlet of Azaria found at base of Ayers rock by a tourist.
  • First Coroner's Inquest

    Coroner Barritt found that Azaria was taken and probably killed by a Dingo or wild dog.
  • Coroner's findings

    Coroner Barritt found that Azaria was taken and probably killed by a Dingo or wild dog.
  • Second Inquest Starts

    After further investigation by the NT Police, the first inquest was over ruled, and a second one was ordered.
  • Lindy sent to trial

    The coroner committed Lindy to stand trial for murder, and her husband Michael to stand trial for accessory to murder
  • Trial of Lindy Chamberlain starts in Darwin

  • Trial Ends - Lindy and Michael Guilty

    Lindy Chamberlain found guilty of murder and sentenced to life at hard labour. Michael also found guilty but his sentence was deferred.
  • Lindy Chamberlain releaseed to wait for Appeal

    Lindy was released from prison with a 2 day old baby to wait while her case is appealed at the Federal Court
  • Appeal rejected - Lindy returned to prison

  • High Court Appeal

    The High Court of Australia also rejected the appeal of the Chamberlains and upheld the conviction - Lindy stays in jail.
  • Petition and Judicial inquiry

    A petition with over 100 thousand signatures demanding Lindy's release and a judicial inquiry into the case are presented to Governor-General Sir Ninian Stephen.
  • 'Evil Angels' is released

    The book 'Evil Angels' by John Bryson is released, which brings forth an in-depth look into the Chamberlain case and suggests that they may have been unjustly convicted. This was one of the things that had people questioning the case.
  • Northern Territory refuses

    The Northern Territory turns down Lindy Chamberlain's application for early release from prison.
  • New Evidence Is Found

    A matinee jacket which fits the description of baby Azaria's jacket is found at Ayers Rock.
  • Lindy is Released From Prison

    Mrs. Chamberlain is let out from prison. The Northern Territory Government declares that there will be another inquiry into Azaria's death.
  • Judicial Inquiry

    A judicial inquiry into the case opens in Darwin in the presence of Justice Trevor Morling.
  • A report finds evidence against Chamberlains insubstantial

    A 379-page report written by Justice Moorling is issued - going over and looking closer at the evidence in the Chamberlain case. The report considers the evidence against the Chamberlains to be insubstantial.
  • Convictions are quashed

    All of the convictions against the Chamberlains are unanimously quashed after Lindy and Michael were authorized to apply to have these convictions quashed in October 21st, 1987.
  • $1.3 million compensation

    Lindy Chamberlain is presented with a 1.3 million dollar compensation for unwarranted imprisonment.
  • Paper inquest is held

    A third (and the last) coroner's inquest, this time that of a 'paper inquest', is conducted in front of Coroner John Lowndes. In December of the same year, the same Coroner infers that the cause of Azaria's passing cannot be confirmed.
  • Last coroner's inquest

    After several more dingo attacks on humans, one more coroner's inquest about Azaria's death is unfurled. Lindy conveys that she wishes that the inquest will clear her name and tell people that "dingoes are a dangerous animal."