A Day To Remember

  • The band was founded

    The band was founded
    Ocala FlA Day to Remember was founded in Ocla Florida in 2003 by guitarist Tom Denny and Drummer Bobby Scruggs.
  • Debut Album

    Debut Album
    And Their Name Was Treason In May of 2005 A Day To Remember's album came out. The name of the album is And Thier Name Was Treason. The album sold 8,690 copies.
  • A new drummer

    A new drummer
    In 2006 Drummer Bobby Scruggs left the band and was replaced by thier current drummer Alex Shelnut.
  • New Record Company

    New Record Company
    Indianols website A Day To Remember signs with a Victory Records leaving Indianola Records.
  • Second album comes out.

    Second album comes out.
    For Those Who Have Heart Their second ablum came out January 2007. The album name is For Those Who Have A Heart. This Album Peaked at #17 on Bliboards Top Heatseakers Chart and #43 on the Top Indepentent Albums chart.
  • Put cover on MySpace

    Put cover on MySpace
    On September 24, 2007 the band posted a cover of Kelly Clarkson's single "Since You've Been Gone" on their MySpace.
  • Tours

    In 2008 2008 A Day To Remember took part in many tours. Includeing one in the UK where they were nominated for "Best International Newcomer"
  • Album is re-realesed

    Album is re-realesed
    In February of 2008 they re-realesed their album For Those Who Have A Heart. The album featured their cover of "Since You've Been Gone".
  • Kevin Skaff Joins the Band

    Kevin Skaff Joins the Band
    Kevin Skaff takes the place of Tom Denny as thier new guitarest.
  • American Tour.

    American Tour.
    In 2009 A Day To Remember toured the United States with The Devil Wears Prada, Sky Eats Ariplane, Emarosa.
  • Tom Leaves The Band

    Tom Leaves The Band
    On June 2, 2009 the abdn anounced that Tom Denny had left the band. They said Tom left because he needed time to focuse on his marriage, a family, and his recording studio.
  • Homesick

    On July 9, 2009 they came out with my favorite album called Homesick.
  • Music Video

    Music Video
    On July 14, 2010, posted the music video for the band's latest single from Homesick - "Have Faith in Me", on their website.
  • What Seperates Me From You

    What Seperates Me From You
    What Seperates Me From You On July 23 the band realeased thier album What Seperates Me From You. This album, as well as thier album Homesick, was recorded in thier home town of Ocla, Florida.
  • Victory Records

    Victory Records
    Victory Records On December 15, 2011, it was announced that the band had plans of pressing charges against Victory due to breach of contract. Legal action was reportedly initiated on May 31 of that year, in which the band claims that Victory owes them over $75,000 in royalties. Victory Records has said, on their behalf, that the lawsuit is actually about the band's refusal to fulfill their 5 album contractual commitment to Victory and their newfound desire to move to a major label, and that Victory Recor