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A brief history of Keurig

  • Keurig and The K-cup

    Keurig and The K-cup
    The K-cup is invented by college roommates Peter Dragone and John Sylvan. The two founded the company "Keurig that same year.
  • Foundation

    The two roommates found their business called Keurig, based on the idea of brewing a single cup of coffee at a time.
  • Startup business

    The company hires a quality assurance manger, Dick Sweeney, to legitimize the brand.
  • Caffeine Poisoning

    Keurig founder John Sylvan is hospitalized after collapsing at an atm. He admits to drinking 30-40 cups of coffee a day, so his doctors diagnose him with caffeine poisoning. He reached this state by taste-testing his company's product daily.
  • The B2000

    The B2000
    The company releases its first model, the B2000 to the public. K-cups were included exclusive to the brand.
  • More than just coffee

    After a few years of strictly brewing coffee, Keurig expands its business model by creating new K-cups to accomodate drinkers of tea, hot chocolate etc.
  • The first 40,000

    Over 40,000 offices around America had Keurig's. The company planned to try to take this success to sell Keurig's to homes.
  • The B100

    The B100
    The B100 brewer was introduced and marketed as a personal home brewer.
  • The Buyout

    The Buyout
    Green Mountain Coffe Reserve(GMCR), an initial investor in the Keurig brand, buys the company for $160 million, and becomes full owner of the Keurig name.
  • Billion-dollar industry

    Billion-dollar industry
    Keurig and K-cup sales are over 1.2 billion dollars in the year 2010.
  • Product expansion

    Product expansion
    The Keurigvue and Rivo are introduced separately in 2012. Keurigvue offers more choices in brewing, such as temperature and brew strength, while Rivo brews espresso.
  • Product expansion (cont.)

    Product expansion (cont.)
  • Product recall

    Product recall
    About 6.6 million units are recalled by Keurig because of consumer burns.