a Breif History of tumblr

  • the development of tumblr

    the development of tumblr
    In June of 2006, the development of tumblr began. tumblr was founded by young David Karp. tumblr became public less than a year later.
  • tumblr was launched

    tumblr was launched
    In February of 2007, tumblr was launched by its founder and ceo David Karp. tumblr is a social media traditionally used for blogging and posting photos. tumblr was founded by karp out of his mother's small apartment located in Manhattan.
  • tumblrette

    In February 2009, tumblr released its first app “tumblrette.” With this app users had the freedom to post to their blog whenever they wanted. This was the start of tumblr becoming very popular.
  • a greater following

    a greater following
    In July of 2009, tumblr was receiving over 50 million views a month. Their was 6 posts every second and 2 reblogs for every second and a half. Every day tumblr was receiving 5,000 new users and they had 9 book deals.
  • The tumblr app

    The tumblr app
    In June of 2012 tumblr released its new and improved ios app. Now users can blog from anywhere at anytime on their mobile devices faster and more efficiently . This new app improved the following massively.
  • new ad deal

    new ad deal
    tumblr had its first big ad deal with adidas. Now with big companies wanting to be featured tumblr was able to bring in more money. This proved the extent of the popularity of tumblr.
  • a deal with Yahoo!

    a deal with Yahoo!
    In may of 2013, tumblr was purchased by the Yahoo! ceo Marissa Mayer. At this time tumblr was receiving 100 million users a day with 90 million posts to follow. Mayer scored tumblr for $1.1 billion cash and her first words were “we promise not to screw it up.”
  • a popular site

    a popular site
    tumblr had over 261 million blogs and over 123 billion posts. tumblr has become well known and loved by many teens of this generation. tumblr is home to Obama's first blog along with many other celebrities.
  • Instant messaging

    Instant messaging
    In November, tumblr introduced a new function known as instant messaging. With instant messaging bloggers and connect with followers privately and contact friends. This function has lead to many collaborations between bloggers.
  • tumblr today

    tumblr today
    As of today, tumblr is bigger than ever. More followers more celebrities and more fame. People are being recognized from their tumblrs and overall this site has been a great success.