A bad case of the stripes Hannna Baker

  • Exposition

    Camilla is desperate to look good on the first day of school. She tried on 42 outfits and then looked in the mirrir."AHHHHHHH!"She was striped from head to toe. Her mother raced in the room and called the doc. He came over, clueless. So he called the specialists, they had not a clue.
  • rising action

    rising action
    The specialists called the experts. The experts suggested it was a flu. She grew things on her. "A Virus?" She then grew a virus leg. They gave her medicine. She took it the turned into something new.
  • Climax

    She turned into a giant pill! Then hert own bedroom. A theripist arrived and offered Camilla some Lima beans(she secretely loved them) she didn't budge.
  • faling action

    faling action
    "Okay, I am leaving now." The theripist said. "Wait.... I'll take... a few." The theripist grinned then popped a few in Camilla's mouth. All the sudden, out of no where, Camilla was herself again.
  • Resolution

    Camilla didn't care. She did not care if the kids laughed at her for eating lima beans. She ate them all the time. Kids made jokes, but Camilla diddn't care.