cicada summer

By gusman3
  • cicadas

    every one except lily hates the lilys sixth grade class lilly stands at the window whatching the cicadas buzz around then lilly sees a cicada on the bookshelf next to her and just stares at while he or she stares back
  • jr nancy drew

     jr nancy drew
    lilly loves the nancy drew series and her herself is a jr nancy drew. she loves the books and one day a book goes missing.the haunted show boat.
  • quiet lily

    lil is a very quiet person and when i mean quiet i mean she dosent talk at all. her dad always talks to her though. why dosent she talk back? well because of what happened to her brother.
  • pete

    lily and pete had a great bond. they will stand by the edge of the road togther then race to ferns barn.they act as if their in the olmpics. they have such great imagination. pete loves mr.ferns cars. he likes to act like hes in a movie drving them.
  • sob sob sob cry cry cry

    sob sob sob cry cry cry
    /' pete dies in mr. ferns car. you will know how if and or when you read this book. it is a very sad accident. i cred during this part of the book this is when cicada made a very important disigine
  • the girl who knows her secret

    this girl named tinny comes to town and tinny is catching on to tinny. every one thinks tinny is a sweet lttle girl but lily knows she isnt. tinny steals and frames lily.
  • sneaky lily

    at around 4:15 lily goes to ferns store and everyone thinks she is just sweping but shes not she is whatching and listening to everyones conversation.
  • lilys quiet place

    do you want to know where lily goes to relax and read? well she reads and thinks in a tree. she sits in a v like spot and sits there.
  • surprise mama sita

    one day when lily is in her quiet place she sees tinny but not looking for her theres a guy coming after tinny. for a little while neither of them notice her.but after a little while tinny does. this man is kinda demanding tinny to tell him where her dad is but tinny dosent know. omg! he spotted lily! lilly and tinny run.
  • noise, what noise. ahhhhh!

    later that day mrs.fern find a note from tinny saying that shes running away. as timr goes by lily heres noise in the house,down by he kitchen so she goes and investigates whats going on. she didnt see anything but when she goes back upstairs and goes to bed after a little while shes sees a lite in the corn fields bt the barn.
  • tinny?

    when lily raches the barn lily she sees tinny. but tinys sleeping so lily trys to wake her up and when she does the man trys to get tinny runs away.lily starts screming so the man chokes her but eventually lets go. lily runs wit tinny and tell peple outside to call the cops
  • friends

    after the incident lily and tinny become great friens