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  • Technology and eLearning for 2011

    Laptop Classes, 5 Computer rooms & 4 pods. Netbooks in trolleys & classroom racks. ePotential Survey, Email, File sharing, Microsoft Office
  • Technology and eLearning for 2012

    NSSCF 1:1 Year 9 – 12. eLink Year 7 & 8. Removal of 2 Computer Rooms all pods and classroom racks.
    Lead Staff – Leading a Digital School Con. (QLD)Shift Happens – Beginning the change.Staff PL - Web 2.0 tools for Collaboration, Feedback, Presentation and Thinking to support Meaningful tasks, LI and SC. Introduction of Launchpad, Google drive and whole school Google mail. Introduction of SMT (Student Manage tool).
  • Technology and eLearning 2013

    BYOT Year 7. eLink Year 8 & 9.21st Century Skills FocusBrauer College - Innovative Teaching and the iGeneration Conference –Ian Jukes.Development of SMT for Data and reporting.
  • Innovative Teaching & the iGeneratin Conference

    Innovative Teaching & the iGeneratin Conference
    Conference with keynote speaker Ian Jukes. Organised by Delia Jenkins and Peter Honan and held at Brauer College. Two days - one day conference and one day workshops.
  • NPDL Application

    NPDL Application
    Applied to be a part of the NPDL project. (accepted)
  • Introductory Workshop

    Introductory Workshop
    Introductory workshop held in Geelong. An introduction to NPL. We also began contributiong to the Scootle discussions
  • Webchat Wednesday 1

    Webchat Wednesday 1
  • Will Richardson PL

    Will Richardson PL
    Educating Modern Learners presentation from Will Richardson and Sugata Mitra. Hosted by Jacaranda. In Melbourne. Attended by Delia Jenkins
  • Gary Stager PL

    Gary Stager PL
    Gary Stager PL at Warrnambool College.
    Two staff from the college, Andrew Hallett and Steve Malikoff attending this PL - Invent to learn - Tinkering and engineering in the classroom.
  • Marc Blanks Visit to Brauer

    Marc Blanks Visit to Brauer
    Marc Blanks visited Brauer College to help us understand more clearly what the project was about and where this could best fit in with our current journey at Brauer College.
  • NPDL Launch, Learning Bytes

    NPDL Launch, Learning Bytes
    Olymoic Room Melbourne Cricket Ground. We did a presentatin of our journey so far.
  • Webchat Wednesday 2

    Webchat Wednesday 2
  • Lane Clarke PD

    Lane Clarke PD
    Deep Thinking and Learning - it doesn't just happen. Attended by Kerri Morey. Day 1 of 2
  • Implementing the New Measures

    Implementing the New Measures
    Training for implementing the new measures. Held at Warrnambool East Primary school. This session was run by Daphne and
  • Webchat Wednesday

    Webchat Wednesday
  • Leading Quality Change with Michael Fullan

    Leading Quality Change with Michael Fullan
    Melbourne Convention Centre. Included Effective leadership in a digital age with Bruce dixon and Travis Smith and Assessing your impact with John Hattie.
  • Webchat Wednesday

    Webchat Wednesday
  • Webchat Wednesday

    Webchat Wednesday
  • Official Brauer NPDL Launch

    Official Brauer NPDL Launch
    Presented by Delia Jenkins
  • Collaboration PD

    Collaboration PD
    Professional learning for staff on Collaboration. Presented by Delia Jenkins.
  • Brauer Genius Bar

    Brauer Genius Bar
    Genius BarIns and Outs of XUNO and Nearpod.
  • Regional get together

    Regional get together
    Warrnambool College, Merrivale PS, East W'bool PS and Brauer College met to share their experinces with the NPDL to date.
  • Mobilising NPDL in your school: Day 1

    Mobilising NPDL in your school: Day 1
    Run by NPDL at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne.
  • Brauer Genius Bar

    Brauer Genius Bar
    Genius Bar Markbook in XUNO, Creating your own Nearpod.
  • Simon Breakspear PL

    Simon Breakspear PL
    A day with Simon talking about creating the change.
  • Genius Bar

    Genius Bar
    Genius BarCritical Thinking and Google Forms
  • Genius Bar

    Genius Bar
    Brauer College
    Higher Order Thinking Skills and XUNO
  • Genius Bar

    Genius Bar
    Genius Bar
    Accelerus Data Bases
  • Genius Bar

    Genius Bar
    Genius Bar
    SMART Goals, RP Support and Formative Assessment
  • EduTECH Conference

    EduTECH Conference
    Kerri Morey and Delia Jenkins attended the 2015 EduTECH conference in Brisbane Qld. This was an amazing experience where we got to see the latest trends in education and hear from some of the most reknown Keynote speakers on the planet. The biggest take away though, was the fact that we felt Brauer College was definitley on the right track with the changes we have implemented over the past 3 - 4 years.
  • Ian Jukes PD

    Ian Jukes PD
    Today was our last PD session with Ian Jukes and NIcky Mohan. We had the entire day with thre different workshops. Ian's first session involved looking more closely at the needs of our students in a Contemporary classroom and what we need to do differently in the classroom to support these needs. We then looked at the 5As of Information Investigation. The third session was with Nicky looking at the JITTL planning process. A very simple and effective planning tool.
  • Genius Bar

    Genius Bar
    Genius Bar
    Estimated Study Scores and ICT supoort in the classroom
  • Genius Bar

    Genius Bar
    Genius BarFormative Assessment and Window 8
  • 21CLD

    Professional Development run at Warrnambool College to look at the 21Century Learning Design. An excellent PD run by Marc Blanks from the Digital Learning Branch and NPDL. The Rubrics presented and the processes learnt were simple and comprehensive and able to be used straight away in the classroom.
  • Genius Bar

    Genius Bar
    Genius Bar
    Library TVT
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