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The Life of Mark Zuckerberg

  • Born in White Plains, NY

    Born in White Plains, NY
    Mark was born to parents Edward (a dentist) and Karen (a psychiatrist).
  • First Tries Computer Programming

    First Tries Computer Programming
    In middle school, Mark begins to create computer programs based on games like Chess and Risk
  • Founds His Own Company

    Founds His Own Company
    With his friends, Mark formed Intelligent Media Group in high school. Their first creation was an online music player that chooses songs based on the user's interests.
  • Goes to Harvard

    Goes to Harvard
    Mark heads to Harvard University to further his education.
  • Creates Facebook in His Dorm Room

    Creates Facebook in His Dorm Room
    In his Harvard dorm room, Mark creates the website that will eventually be known as Facebook. The original name was "The Photo Address Book."
  • Drops out of Harvard

    Drops out of Harvard
    Now that Facebook is becoming popular, Mark drops out of school and moves to California to chase his Facebook dream.
  • Named World's Youngest Billionaire

    Named World's Youngest Billionaire
    Mark is named the world's youngest billionaire by Forbes Magazine. His current net worth is $6 billion dollars.
  • Facebook Reaches 500 Million People

    Facebook Reaches 500 Million People
    Facebook announces that 500 million people are now members of the site. Not only does this make it the biggest social network by far, but also larger than most countries in the world.
  • Donates $100 Million Dollars

    Donates $100 Million Dollars
    Mark donates $100 million dollars to Newark, NJ Public Schools. Many people believe he did this to counter-act the negative image he has in the media.
  • Mark's Life is Made into a Movie

    Mark's Life is Made into a Movie
    Mark's life is turned into movie "The Social Network," with Jesse Eisenberg playing the role of Mark. The movie protrays Mark in a mostly negative way.