Cholera Effects Haiti

  • First Suspected Case

    First Suspected Case
    First suspected cholera case reported.
  • Period: to

    Cholera Effects Haiti

    This timeline details the Cholera outbreak in Haiti and gives information about the aftermath that is still effecting the country. The Timeline give the death tolls as they were reported. On certain days there was no activity accounted for.
  • Haiti Epidemic Advisory System Activates

    Haiti Epidemic Advisory System Activates
    HEAS reactivates, as the 250+ member network has become active with reporting about fatal diarrheal disease in Artibonite (St Marc and Mirebalais). “Cholera” as a diagnosis believed to be highly unlikely based on no cholera reported in Haiti for years. Significant medical facility strain reported in St Marc.
  • Second Case Confrimed

    Second Case Confrimed
    Second case of cholera reported in Lafito. Haiti's government and aid workers fight to contain cholera outbreak that has killed more than 150 people in the country's worst medical emergency since the January earthquake. It is Haiti's first outbreak for a century.
  • Workers Warn of Disaster

    Workers Warn of Disaster
    Aid workers warn of a disaster as the outbreak kills more than 250 people and infected more than 3,000. The ramshackle infrastructure and poor sanitation caused by the January earthquake is seen as a potential spread for the disease.
  • Delay In Stopping The Outbreak

    Delay In Stopping The Outbreak
    Efforts to halt the outbreak have been magnified by the failure of the US and other rich countries to deliver promised reconstruction funding quickly enough, accoridng to the Associated Press.
  • Death Toll Rises

    Death Toll Rises
    Haitian Government warns that cholera will remain a problem in Haiti for years, as death toll climbs to 284.
  • Hurricane Thomas

    Hurricane Thomas
    Hurricane Tomas approaches the Caribbean, with aid workers warning that Haiti is "unprepared".
  • Hurricane Thomas Kills

    Hurricane Thomas Kills
    Hurricane Tomas kills seven people in Haiti and turns refugee camps into rivers of mud, raising fears epidemic will spread quicker.
  • Still Spreading

    Still Spreading
    Three-year-old boy from Port-au-Prince confirmed to have contracted cholera, proving the epidemic has spread from outlying areas to the capital.
  • Death Toll Increases

    Death Toll Increases
    Death toll passes 640.
  • Violence Outbreak

    Violence Outbreak
    Violence breaks out in Haiti cities as death toll tops 900. UN peacekeepers from Nepal are blamed by many Haitians for bringing the disease into the country, despite no official link being made by doctors.