John Wooden Timeline

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    John Wooden's Lifetime

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    High School Basketball

    During these years, he brought his high school basketball team to the state championship finals three years in a row. In 1927, they won the finals.
  • NCAA National Championship

    While attending Purdue University, he brought his team to the national championships.
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    Indiana State University

    Coached the basketball team at Indiana State University, and at the same time coached baseball, served as an athletic director, and completed his Master's Degree for Education.
  • Accepted Coaching Position at UCLA

    UCLA was actually his second choice for a coaching position; his family wanted to remain in the U.S. so he actually preferred the University of Minnesota. Due to weather issues in Minnesota, the phone call telling him he was accepted for the job way delayed, after he accepted the deal from UCLA.
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    Seven Consecutive Won Championships

    From 1967 through 1973, Wooden coached the UCLA basketball team, bringing them victory in the championships, seven consecutive times.
  • Coaches his final game

    In Pauley Pavilion, beating Stanford.
  • Entered Indiana State's Athletic Hall of Fame