Titanic by Miranda Singh

  • The Titanic's Keel Laid

    On March 31 st, the Titanic's keelmaid at Harland and at Wolff Shipyard.
  • The Titanic leaves

    The Titanic leaves Belfast to go to Southhampton at 8 o'clock pm.
  • Good Friday

    Good Friday:The Titanic is "dressed" overall
  • Titanic Sails

    When the Titanic first sails the Alantic.
  • The Arrival

    Titanic arrives to Cherbourg.
  • The Arrival #2

    The Day the Titanic arrives at Queenstown.
  • Titanic raises Anchor

    The Titanic raises the anchor for the last itme and leaves Queenstown.
  • Fredrick Fleet

    Fredrick Fleeet sights an iceberg.
  • Titanic Sinks

    The day the Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks for at least 2 hours for the whole ship to go down.
  • Carpathia's Arrival

    Carpathia Arrives in New York wiiiith the Titanic survivors.