the start

  • the start

    two men started to build a great ship called the titanic
  • setting sail

    the rms titanic set sail from south hampton on her maiden voyage to new york
  • wreckage

    en route to new york city from south hampton eng. during its maiden voyage. the vessel titanic wrecked into an icebergwith a loss of about 1500 lives
  • goin down down down

    the ship collided with an iceberg five of its water wait compartments were ruptered,causing it to sink
  • broken

    when the ship sank it broke in half the two parts were found a few miles apart
  • were hit

    the wacthmen saw an iceberg ahead but they were going to fast and they hit
  • saftey first

    as a result of the disaster,the first international convention for saftey of life at sea was called in london 1913
  • agreed

    patrol established an agreement with 16 nations with shipping interests in north atlanticocean afterthe titanic sunk
  • found

    dr.robert ballard,an oceanographer and marine bioligists when he located the titanic some survivors reported it had broke apart