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  • Period: to

    The Beginning

    Friends Bill Boweman and Phillip Knight met. In 1960 Bowerman started making hand made shoes for his runners. In 1964 Blue Ribbon Sports was formed.
  • The Waffle

    The Waffle
    The waffle bottom was introduced. Bowerman used his wife's waffle iron to make the Moon Shoe that had extraordinary grip.
  • Development of the "Swoosh"

    Development of the "Swoosh"
    The famous logo of Nike is designed by a student at the University of Oregon. One of the most famous logos ever created.
  • First Users & Endorsements

    First Users & Endorsements
    Used in 1972 Olympics by runner Jeff Galloway. The first major runner to wear the Moon Shoe was Steve Prefontaine.
  • Illie Nasta Signed to the Swoosh

    Illie Nasta Signed to the Swoosh
    First non track athlete to wear the shoes. (Tennis Star)
  • Officially NIKE

    Officially NIKE
    Name is officially changed from Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike, the goddess of Victory.
  • Two New Shoes Introduced (Nike Air)

    Two New Shoes Introduced (Nike Air)
    Children's shoes and the Nike Air were introduced to the public. Nike Air changed sports by using pockets of compressed gas instead of strictly rubber.
  • Air Force 1

    Air Force 1
    The basketball shoe was a hit through out the world. Major NBA players were wearing them. Had a cushioning air sole to help improve perfomance on the court. Also regarded as one of the most popular shoes of all time.
  • Air Jordan is Born

    Air Jordan is Born
    The most iconic player wearing the most iconic shoe. Not known for performance but for the player wearing the shoe, Michael Jordan.
  • Air Max and the First Cross Training Shoe

    Had a larger air cushioning unit than Air Force 1. It is designed to help the legs from high landings like that of a dunk. This allowed people to increase and make their workouts harder. Provides the athlete with full length impact protection.
    First shoe not to be tailored to a specific sport. Was cushioned for sports and aerobics.
  • Re-Use a Shoe

    The Re-Use a Shoe program is created. It changed the way companies recycle their products. NIKE used their excess rubber and built basketball courts and tracks.
  • Tiger Signs

    Tiger Signs
    The best golfer in the world signs with the best sport industry. The most influentials golfer was now endorsing NIKE. This now put NIKE in the talk for all golf products now.
  • NIKE Hockey Bauer

    NIKE Hockey Bauer
    NIKE expands into the hockey industry. This revolutionized hockey by now the best sporting brand expanded into a market by taking over the maker of most all hockey products. Stamping NIKE with Bauer made them relevant in a market that has never been entered by NIKE before.
  • Nike Shox

    Nike Shox
    These new shoes now spring you back when landing, helping your legs against impact while runnig. The shoes also has very good cushioning system to prevent injuries to the lower leg. This product took 15 years to produce.
  • NIKE Free

    NIKE Free
    The Nike Free changed the running sneaker due to the fact of how natural it makes running feel ultimately improving performance. The design is one of a kind. The only shoe that was like this.
  • NIKE Joins Forces With Apple

    NIKE Joins Forces With Apple
    The NIKE + is introduced. It changed the way people can freely run and stay in shape by allowing a sensor in your shoe that can be hooked up to your iPod to record how far you run, being able to set up goals for your run, and seeing how many calories you have burned.
  • Flywire is Introduced

    Flywire is Introduced
    Nike Flywire technology is the lightest type of shoe ever created. Not only is it the lightest footwear ever created, it was the strongest. It is used in shoes for basketball sneakers, football cleats, soccer cleats, and track spikes, which weigh less than 100 grams now. It debuted just in time for the Summer Olympics in basketball and Track.