The story of fossils

  • Scientist notes importance of rock layers

    Danish-born scientist Nicolaus Steno recgonizes that sediments form new layers of rock on top of old layers. Therefore, digging down proves a way to move back in time. Scientists plan to build on Steno's dsicovery to determine the ages of fossils found in rock layers.
  • New theory suggest naturalness of change

    James Hutton of Scotland revolutionizes geology with his theory of uniformitarianism. He argues that volcanoes, erosion, and other forces shaped Earth's landscape slowly over a very long period and continue to do so. Hutton's ideas challenge the belief that the landscape is the result of sudden changes and one-time events. His theory leads to a better understanding of the vast ages of Earth and fossils.
  • Siberian dsicovers frozen mammoth

  • Geologist identifies bones from extinct animal

  • Workers uncover bird fossil

  • Dinosaur eggs show link with birds

  • Microfossils cause sensation

  • Dinosaur heart surprises many

  • Researchers find earliest mammal