The Crucible

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  • The beginning 1

    The beginning 1
    Reverend Paris calls upon a doctor to find the sickness that plagues his young daughter, Betty. The doctor finds no medicine that can help the symptoms Betty Paris is showing. The doctor suggests that they look to unnatural causes as the problem, but Reverend Paris refuses to believe that is the issue. Paris does not want anyone to hear those rumors, because he is afraid it will ruin his reputation. Talk of witch craft is already flying throughout the town.
  • Talk of Witchcraft 2

    Talk of Witchcraft 2
    The Putnam's show up at Parris' home to see Betty. They tell Parris that their daughter, Ruth, is also 'ill', but they believe it is the devil's touch. Goody Putnam believes that the devil has taken her daughter's soul, after also taking the souls of her previous seven newborns. They tell Parris that Betty was seen flying around, which is a sign of a witch.
  • Crazy behavior 3

    Crazy behavior 3
    Abby tells John Proctor that there was no witchcraft, it was all just done for fun. She tells him they were only dancing. She tries to get Proctor to show some affection, but he refuses her. During their argument, the congregation below recites a hymn, which causes Betty to go crazy. The Putnam's, once again, start accusing Betty of witchery. Rebecca Nurse takes a look at Betty, and also listens to Ruth's symptoms. Rebecca tells them it is all just pretend, because that is what children do.
  • Accusations. 4

    Accusations. 4
    Abby is questioned by Hale, he asks about the happenings in the woods. Abby tells him that it was Tituba who made her dink blood, and also sends her spirit out on her, making her laugh at prayer. Tituba denies at first, but then tells them that the devil tried to catch her, but she turned herself away from him. Tituba accuses Goody Good and Goody Osbourne of witchcraft. Soon after, Abby and Betty start accusing everyone they can, of trafficking with the devil.
  • Wildfire. 5

    Wildfire. 5
    As more and more people become accused, talk of witches and the devil becomes more prominent. Anyone who is accused must confess or they will be hanged. The group of "victims" grows larger, as well as the group of the accused. Abby, their "leader" is in love with John Proctor and wants to take the place of his wife, Elizabeth. Abby does everything she can to have Elizabeth accused. During court, Mary Warren makes a poppet to give to Elizabeth, Abby notices this and uses it against Elizabeth
  • Downfall. 6

    Downfall. 6
    Elizabeth is arrested for sending her spirit to stab a needle into Abby's stomach by using the poppet. John vows to do everything he can to get his wife out of jail. John is angry at Abby for what she has done to Elizabeth and he, as well as Cory and Nurse, wrote up depositions to bring to the court. John gets Mary Warren to agree to testify that she has never seen any spirits, and that the girls are all pretending.
  • Courtroom 7

    Courtroom 7
    Proctor, Cory, Nurse, and Mary Warren went to the court room to speak to Danforth. They gave the judge their depositions and testimonies. Mary Warren confessed that she was just pretending to see spirits and the devil. Danforth brought in the other girls and asked Abby if there was any truth to what Mary Warren was stating, Abby denied. The girls then turned against Mary Warren and accused her of witchcraft. Proctor lost all respect and accused Abby of being a whore.
  • Changing sides. 8

    Changing sides. 8
    Proctor was arrested for accusing Abby of being a whore, when Elizabeth, just trying to save Johns name, denied the fact in the courtroom. The girls started to run in fear of spirits that were said to be sent from Mary Warren. Out of fear Mary turns against Proctor, she tells everyone that he is with the devil and blackmailed her into "lying to the court". Proctor was then arrested for lying and for witchcraft. Abby saw what she had done, and although feels sad, she does not confess.
  • Jail time. 9

    Jail time. 9
    Abby had realized she took things too far. She loved John and never wanted him to be accused. She stole money from her uncle, Reverend Parris, and went to John's cell. Abby tried to free Proctor. She told him she had money and the guard would let him go, but he refused, he wanted nothing to do with her. Abby ran off without him, without saying goodbye to anyone else.
  • Confession? 10

    Confession? 10
    Hale did not want to see John hanged. Danforth sent Elizabeth to John to talk him into confessing, even though it was a lie. John agreed to confess and signed his name. However, when he found out it was to be posted on the church doors, he changed his mind. Proctor chose to save his name over his life, and he was hanged for a false accusation made by a scared child.