John locke

John Locke

  • Birth

    Came into this world (: Happened in Wrington, Somerset, England.
  • Period: to

    John Locke's Major Accomplishments (:

  • Attended Westminister High School

    Attended Westminister High School
    Graduated to move onto Oxford University.
  • Founded British Empircism

    Founded British Empircism
    Used to refer to certain ancient Greek practitioners of medicine.
  • Essay on the Law of Nature

    Essay on the Law of Nature
    When Locke is "Censor of Moral Philosophy" at Christ Church he wrote this essay. Used to distinguish between legitimate and illeglitimate civil governments and to argue for the legitimacy of the revolt against tyrannical governments.
  • Essay Concerning Toleration

    Essay Concerning Toleration
    Based on all extant manuscripts and a number of other writings on law and politics.
  • Fundamental Constitution of Carolina

    Fundamental Constitution of Carolina
    John Locke writes this under the supervision of Shaftsbury. Providence of Carolina, which included most of the land between what is now Virginia and Floride. It replaced the Character of Carolina. This wasn't popular with many of the early settlers, so it was never ratified by the assembly and was abandoned.
  • Involved in Government

    Involved in Government
    This happened through his friendship with the first Earl of Shaftesbury. Employed him as a personal physician; also served as a secratary, political researcher, and political advisor.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Medicine

    Bachelor's Degree in Medicine
    Recieved this from attending Oxford University.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    The Glorious Revolution
    A union of Parliamentarians with an invading army led by the Dutch stadtholder, also known as William of Orange.
  • Essay Concerning Human Understanding

    Essay Concerning Human Understanding
    This aims to determine limits of human understanding.
  • Two Trieaties of Government

    Two Trieaties of Government
    Theory of natural law and natural rights, he uses to distinguish between legitmate and illegitmate civil government.
  • Some Thoughts Concerning Education

    Some Thoughts Concerning Education
    How to educate the mind using three distinct methods: the develoment of health body; the formation of a virtuous character and the choice of an appropriate accademic curriculum.
  • Appointed onto the Bored of Trade

    Appointed onto the Bored of Trade
    This jobs had a variety of obligations including overseeing colonial governments.
  • Social Contract Theory

    Social Contract Theory
    Work had great inpact on the development of epistemology and political philosophy.
  • Death

    Leaving this Earth, to be in a much better place! (: Happened in Essex, England