The Ladies of Spider-Man

  • First Appeance of Aunt May

    First Appeance of Aunt May
    Amazing Fantasy #15 Aunt May has fussed over Peter Parker ever since he really needed it. She has always been there for him and would do anything for him.
  • Liz Allan named

    Liz Allan named
    Amazing Spider-Man #4 Elizabeth Allan, a high school classmate of Peter Parker when they attended Midtown High School together, and a minor love interest of Parker and Flash Thompson. First appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 but was named in this issue.
  • First Appearance of Betty Brant

    First Appearance of Betty Brant
    Amazing Spider-Man #4 Betty Brant's mother had originally been Jameson's "girl Friday" and Betty took the position after her mother's death. Peter Parker (secretly Spider-Man) and she were attracted to each other because Betty wanted a normal, ordinary man, and they were romantically linked.
  • First Mary Jane Watson Appearance

    First Mary Jane Watson Appearance
    Amazing Spider-Man #42 While mentioned in issues before this was the first time we see MJ. Her first words upon meeting Peter are "Face it tiger... You just hit the JACKPOT!" So true. So very true.
  • Liz Allan rejects Peter

    Amazing Spider-Man #28 Liz admits her feeling for Peter but says the can not be together.
  • First Appearance of Gwen Stacy

    First Appearance of Gwen Stacy
    Amazing Spider-Man#31 Gwendolyn Stacy, Peter Parker's first love. She will be the first to have to deal with the danger of being in love with Peter and his life as Spider-Man.Harold "Harry" Osborne, Pete's good friend and later enemy.
  • Gwen's father dies

    Amazing Spider-Man#90 Gwen's father Catain Stacy dies pushing a child out of harms way while Spidey and Doc Ock battled.
  • Death of Gwen Stacy

    Death of Gwen Stacy
    Amazing Spider-Man#12 Gwen is killed by the Green Goblin(thrown from the Brooklyn Bridge) Spidey will feel the guilt forever.
  • Aunt May almost marries Doc Ock

    Amazing Spider-Man#131 Aunt May is almost tricked into marrying Doctor Octopuss. Ock is after some land in Canada she inherited that is full of uranium. Spidey foils it all. Another reminder of how his two lives affect each other.
  • First Appearance of Glory Grant

    First Appearance of Glory Grant
    Amazing Spider-Man #140 Gloria Grant was seen when she met Peter Parker and Flash Thompson. Parker had moved into a new apartment, and she was living down the hall. On seeing his camera she told him that fate had bought them together as she was a model and him a photographer. he then became a secretary for J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle when his original secretary, Betty Brant, left and he could not find anyone to replace her.
  • Gwen Stacy cloned

    Amazing Spider-Man#144 The first of clone problems Spider-Man will face. Gwen is cloned and thought to be alive. This will be and easy problem compared to later events.
  • Peter Parker Proposes to Mary Jane Watson

    Amazing Spider-Man#182 Peter proposes to MJ by hiding a diamond ring in a box of cracker jacks. In issue #183 MJ turns down Pete's proposal saying she isnt ready to be tied down. This marks MJ's last appearance in the Spidey comics until issues #243.
  • First Appearacne of the Black Ca

    First Appearacne of the Black Ca
    Amazing Spider-Man#194 Felicia Hardy meets Spidey as the "Black Cat" a thief. She will become his partner and his lover. Things get complicated when she has trouble being in love with the Spider and not Peter Parker.
  • First Appearance of Deborah Whitman

    First Appearance of Deborah Whitman
    Amazing Spider-Man #196 A secretary in the biophysics department of Empire State University, she met and dated Peter while there. His life as Spider-Man kept him forcing excuses to get out dates.
  • First appearance of Calypso

    First appearance of Calypso
    Amazing Spider-Man #209 A psychopathic woman who was involved with Sergei Kravinoff(Kraven the Hunter). Also a evil voodoo priestess.
  • First appearance of Madame Web

    First appearance of Madame Web
    Amazing Spider-Man#210 Spidey meets Cassandra Webb "Madame Web" for the first time. Having mutant Psychic powers and being born in Salem, Or. Madame Web has helped and asked Spider-Man for help many times. Most notably when he protected her from the unstopable Juggernaut.
  • Mary-Jane Watson returns

    Amazing Spider-Man#243 MJ returns to Spidey's life just in time to catch him in the arms of anther woman.
  • First Appearance of Bambi, Candi, and Randi

    First Appearance of Bambi, Candi, and Randi
    Barbara "Bambi" Modica, Candice "Candi" Muggins and Miranda "Randi" Couper lived in apartment 4C at 410 Chelsea at the same time as Peter. Peter knew Bambi best. They held hands once.
  • First Appearance of the Silver Sable

    First Appearance of the Silver Sable
    Amazing Spider-Man #265 Silver Sable International is a mercenary group led by the Silver Sable. She is from the country Symkaria. The Silver Sable has hired Spider-Man form time to time to help with the capture of a bounty her company was attempting to collect.
  • Peter Parker Proposes to Mary Jane Watson for the second time

    Amazing Spider-Man #290 Peter proposes to MJ again. MJ is still reluctant to commit.
  • Mary Jane says "Yes" to Peter's marriage proposal

    Amazing Spider-Man#292 It took MJ three issues before she finally gave Peter an answer to her proposal. She said yes, but not before running off to Pittsburgh to deal with her dysfunctional family. Spidey helps out with her thief/loser/not much of a father and she becomes Mary Jane Watson-Parker.
  • MJ gets married to Peter Parker

    MJ gets married to Peter Parker
    Giant Sized Anual the Amazing Spider-Man Spidey and Mary Jane tie the knot.
  • Mary-Jane kidnapped

    Amazing Spider-Man#307 MJ is kidnapped by a obsesed and wealthy fan, Jonathan Caesar. Her abduction having nothing to do with Spider-Man makes his life style of danger more understandable. This event helps Mj to deal being with a superhero's wife dispite all the worry about the danger to her husband.
  • Peter's Mother back from the dead

    Amazing Spider-Man#365 Peter's Mother and father seemingly come back from the dead. After being told they died in a plane crash his whole life, they claim to have been prisoners of the Nazi, the Red Skull.
  • Mary Jane gives up smoking

    Amazing Spider-Man #385 Mary Jane gives up the smokes.
  • Mary-Jane going to have Spidey's baby

    Spectacular Spider-Man #220 Spider-Man gets poisoned, crazy killer guy(turns out to be Kaine), Aunt May on the brink of death. Out of all of it the biggest shock? MJ is going to be a mother. Great news!!
  • First Appearance of Female Dr. Octopus

    First Appearance of Female Dr. Octopus
    Amazing Spider-Man #406 Carolyn Trainer a student of the original Dr. Octopus she takes on the persona after his death.
  • MJ and Peter move to Portland, OR

    Spider-Man: Final Adventure#1 MJ pregnant, the Parkers move to Portland Oregon to start a new and normal life. Peter's clone Ben back in New York takes up the Spidey position while Pete is away. Even with the temperary loss of his powers Peter still is compelled to play hero. The couple decide that they are New Yorkers for life and move back to the big apple afer only a few issues.
  • Mary Jane has and loses baby

    Amazing Spider-Man #418 After giving birth to a daughter named after Aunt May, Mary Jane is told that the baby did not survive. Unknown to her the baby was kidnapped by the Green Goblin Norman Osborn.
  • Mary Jane's plane blows up

    Amazing Spider-ManV2 #1 Flight 9171 with MJ aboard has exploded at 32,000 feet. Not really dead but kinapped again, she returns in Amazing Spider-ManV2 #29.
  • May talks to Peter about him being Spider-Man

    May talks to Peter about him being Spider-Man
    Amazing Spider-ManV2#38 fter returning from a battle with Morlun, Aunt May finds Peter sleeping, beaten up with is Spidey suit on the floor. After 40 years she has to deal with the fact that he is Spider-man.
  • First Appearance of Sarah Stacy

    First Appearance of Sarah Stacy
    Amazing Spider-Man #509 One of twins(brother Gabriel) she is the product of a brief relationship Gwen had with a Norman Osborn. She was born with wnhanced stregth and accelerated aging.
  • Aunt May's house destroyed Peter, Mary-Jane, and Aunt May Move into Stark towers

    Amazing Spider-Man#519 After May's house is distroyed, Tony Stark(IronMan) invites them to live in his building. His plans for Peter help bring on the Civil War between heros.
  • Aunt May shot

    Amazing Spider-Man #538 After going into hiding with Peter and MJ because of his rejection of the Super Hero Registration Act, May is shot by a sniper aming at Peter.
  • First appearance of Jackpot

    First appearance of Jackpot
    Amazing Spider-Man Swing Shift In an attempt to become a super hero and make a differance, Alana Jobson buys the persona of Jackpot from Sara Ehret. Who has powers and is registered as a hero. Alana used chemical injections to boost her strength and agility.
  • MJ and Peter make a deal with the Devil

    Amazing Spider-Man#545 The couple make a deal with Mephisto(pretty much the devil) to bring Aunt May back to life. This resets some part of time and a lot of things kind just never happened. Like ever getting married??? Like about 21 years of history. This does not sit well with Spidey fans. Not well at all.
  • First Appearnce of Lilly Hollister (Menace)

    First Appearnce of Lilly Hollister (Menace)
    Amazing Spider-Man #545 Lilly Hollister is interduced as Harry Osborn's girlfriend. She is also secretly playing the role of Menace a goblin like villain out to fix the election for New York's Mayor.
  • Death of Jackpot

    Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2008
    In a battle a villain blinds Alana with chemicals that react fataly with her enhancing drugs. Sara Ehret the first and actually super powered Jackpot is reminded that with great power, there must also come great responability.