A Rose For Emily By Zach Vance

By zachv
  • Period: to

    a rose for emily

  • father dies

    father dies
    emily's father died and she held his body 3 days after
  • meets Homer

    meets Homer
    Homer is a yanky who comes to pave the roads
  • byes toilet set

    she gets a toilet set of silver with Homer's initals on it as well as a man's suit
  • coisins come

    Emily has 2 cousins come and visit for a time
  • byes poison

    emily gets arsnick and killes him and keeps his body in an upstairs room
  • smell developes

    an odd smell comes from the house because emily killed homer and kept the body and it decomposed
  • men put lime around house to irradicate smell

    the men thought it was a dead rat or snake so they spread lime to get rid of it
  • china painting lesons

    painting on china emily needed mony so she taught how to paint on china
  • taxes rimmetid

    her taxes were remitted
  • tryed to collect taxes

    the younger tryed to collec her taxes and were sent away
  • death

    emily dies
  • find Homer's body

    find Homer's body
    after emily dies her cousins find a room with homer's body inside