Scooby doo tv 07

A rose for Emily

By wipert1
  • Colonel Dies

    Colonel Sartoris dies
  • Dad Dies

    Dad Dies
    Her dad got really old
  • Homer comes

    the man everyone thought she would marry
  • Homer dissappears

    she killed homer
  • emily buys arsnic

    she uses the poison to kill homer
  • Wierd smell comes

    Wierd smell comes
    homer is laying in the bed dead
  • China lessons

    China lessons
    the storyshe gives china lessons to children
  • Remit taxes

    Remit taxes
    they tell her she doesnt have to pay taxes
  • Try to collect taxes

    Try to collect taxes
    they try to collect her taxes
  • Free mail

    they try to put a mailbox in front of her house and put numbers above her door
  • Emily dies

    Emily dies
    she dies
  • Emilys Funeral

    was held 2 days later