A Rose For Emily

By alecbc1
  • Period: to

    a rose for emily

  • Fathers Death

    She kept her fathers body for a few days after he died
  • Fathers body is taken

    They take the fathers body from her home
  • Met homer

    Homer was in town working on the road
  • Bought poison

    ArsenicShe refused to tell what it was for.
  • Homer leaves Emily

    He leaves Emily after the road was finished but returns
  • Men put lime around the house to get rid of small

    Men put lime around the house to get rid of small
    men decided to supress the smell with lime
  • Weird smell comeing from emilys

    The town is discusted by a smell from emilys house
  • Gave china painting lessons

    Gave china painting lessons
    eventualy people stoped comeing to take lessons
  • Emilys taxs remited

    The mayor told Emily she didnt have to pay taxs
  • New generation tryed collecting her taxs

    The new generation didnt want to let her continue to not pay taxs
  • Emily died Age, 74

    Her body was found in a room in the downstairs
  • Skelloton of homer was found

    Skelloton of homer was found
    There was evidence of her haveing layed with the corps for all those years